What Candidates Really Look For In A Job Advert


Are you not getting enough responses to your job adverts? We’ve taken a look at what job seekers are really looking for in a job advert.

Be specific

Often, candidates will chose not to apply for a job because they don’t feel they know enough about the role. It’s quite simple really, the more information you provide about the day-to-day duties needed in the role, the more likely someone is to apply.

Don’t overload on jargon 

Even the most competent of candidates will likely be turned off by a overload of business and industry jargon dumped onto a job description. Yes, if there is a certain software essential to the role then obviously include jt. But don’t just use industry terms and jargon unnecessarily. Keep the advert clear and readable.

Always include a person specification 

Including a detailed person specification will really save you time in the long run. Be sure to include the amount of relevant experience you need for this role. This will stop people who are under-qualified from applying and save you time trawling through applications later.

Compensation package

A lot of the time, companies will not include the salary or benefits on a job advert. This can be a huge mistake. Candidates need to know what they will receive in return for working at your company. Vague phrases such as ‘competitive salary’ don’t actually give the candidate any real information and may put them off applying.

Provide information about the company

Often, the company itself is just as important to a candidate as the role itself. The more information you can provide about the company the more in the know your potential applicants will feel and thus the more likely to apply. But don’t give out everything! Let the applicant do their own research before the interview.

How Jobseekers and Recruiters Use Social Media for Recruitment

jobseekers and social media

Social media is not just for cat videos. Recruiters and jobseekers are completely switched on to how to effectively use Facebook, Twitter etc to find each other. 79% of jobseekers use social media, while nearly half of all employee referrals come through social media. This infographic from Recruitics brings together some of the most interesting data around social media and job searches with some interesting insight.

The most interesting thing is the disparity between where recruiters are touting for business and where candidates actually are. While recruiters live on LinkedIn, jobseekers are on Facebook. This makes sense given the focus of both networks, but recruiters really need to be more active on their Facebook pages to prospect for those passive candidates.

Precise use of the custom audience profiling on Facebook pays huge dividends here, so that the right type of candidate sees the job ad, otherwise you are just wasting money. The right headline also makes a huge difference, as compelling people to click through their newsfeed is a practised art.

At Fish4jobs we’ve been using social media for years to boost the reach of a job ad. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you engage with a wider audience.


4 Telling Questions You Should Ask At The Interview

Brown haired woman talking to her interviewers  in bright office

Thinking of original interview questions can be hard. On the one hand you want to find out as much as you can about the candidate and see if they are suitable for the role. On the other hand, you don’t want to ask them generic ‘what is your biggest weakness?’ and ‘do you work well as a team?’ questions.

1. ‘Tell me about a mistake you have made and how you went about fixing it.’

This question will show you how quickly the candidate can think on their feet. No one wants to talk about their mistakes and shortcomings in an interview and so the candidate will really have to consider their answer carefully.

2. ‘Are you the sort of person who needs constant praise and feedback?’

Some companies, especially bigger companies, don’t have time to constantly praise their staff for their efforts. If this is true for yourself then this question will help you work out if the candidate is a self-motivated person capable of independent working.

3. ‘If you have a problem, what are the 3 stages you’d use to fix it?’

Again, this question helps to discover if the candidate is capable of problem solving and independent work. If their response is ‘first I would ask my manager,’ then it’s clear that this person will need a lot of guidance and support. This question should help you find out if they are the right fit for your company.

4. ‘What can you tell me about the company/role?’

What you are really asking with this question is ‘have you done your research?’ If your candidate can only recall simple facts about the company and has no in-depth knowledge about the company or their prospective role within it, it doesn’t seem like they are particularly invested in the interview.

Monthly Highlights February 2017

February was another good month for Fish4jobs. With 147,183 jobs listed on site generating 246,735 applications we’re really continuing our good start to the year! With continued partnerships from our huge regional newspapers we have an ever-growing audience of jobseekers.


Take a look at our February highlights here. 

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Fish4jobs in Sales Push Across the South West

Clifton suspension bridge

Trinity Mirror’s regional commercial teams and Fish4jobs have teamed up to create four regionalised landing pages on the recruitment brand’s website.

Covering the South West region – encompassing Bristol, Bath, Gloucestershire and Somerset – the four landing pages aim to raise candidate application rates and therefore response for clients. These pages act as the official job destination for trusted local news brands Somerset Live, Gloucestershire Live, Bath Chronicle and The Bristol Post.

Above-the-line advertising across the South West, including bus, radio and outdoor advertising is due to go live in the New Year.

Belinda Hankin, Trinity Mirror Recruitment Director, commented “With all the energy and focus which is being put into this, I’m confident we’re putting our recruitment business in the best position possible to succeed.”

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